Theodor Leschetizky

∗ 22. Juni 1830 in Lancut, Galicia

† 14. November 1915 in Dresden

was a Polish musician, pianist, composer and pedagogue. He was a student of Czerny and of Simon Sechter in Vienna, where he also began teaching at the age of 14 and became famous as a virtuoso. In 1854 he went to St. Petersburg, where he founded the conservatory with Anton Rubinstein in 1862.

Leschetizky is considered one of the forefathers of the famous "Russian School of piano-playing". He became one of the most important and most influential teachers of his time with famous pupils such as Ignacy Jan Paderewski, Artur Schnabel, Elly Ney and Paul Wittgenstein. Apart from two operas, of which only one was completed, he composed a piano concerto, songs and over 70 pieces for the piano.


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